White House reiterates sanctions on Russian oil and gas “not something we’re prepared to do right now”

US President Joe Biden’s senior adviser Cedric Richmond reiterated Wednesday that “everything is on the table,” including sanctions targeting Russia’s oil industry, while acknowledging “it’s not something we’re prepared to do right now.”

“When you talk about oil, you talk about increasing pain here at home for Americans and raising the price of gas and everyday expenses,�� Richmond told CNN’s Ana Cabrera in an interview. “It’s something we’re definitely looking at; it is not something we’re prepared to do right now. But I think the President was very clear when he said everything is on the table and he’s not prepared to take anything off the table.”

Richmond took the opportunity to highlight the administration’s climate proposals, which he said “would lower energy prices for the average American family by $500 a month,” pointing to provisions in Biden’s Build Back Better legislation that he suggested would “lower Americans’ everyday costs.”

Here’s what White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond said about Biden having to choose between targeting Putin or inflicting pain at the pump for Americans:

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