Wildlife center braces for animal baby boom

A wildlife center in the Poconos is gearing up for an animal baby boom.

TOBYHANNA, Pa. — Springtime means baby season: bear cubs, fawns, baby squirrels, and many more.

“It starts in a wave across the springtime. It starts with squirrels and then bunnies, and then we get baby owls and hawks and then fawns and raccoons and skunks, and last year we raised a baby otter,” said Kathy Uhler of Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.

Some of those orphaned babies are brought to Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center near Stroudsburg for help.

The volunteers and workers there have to feed those babies with expensive specialized formula, and they just made a big order.

“Well, this is what we use; it is called Fox Valley Formula. These are made specifically for special kind of mammals. Each of the buckets I just showed you is over 200 dollars a bucket, and we go through 35 to 40 buckets a year of formula,” said Uhler.

The volunteers and workers at the wildlife center say they could not do it all without donations, and they are thankful so many pitched in to help.

“I know that times are really tough out there, there are a lot of organizations needing help, but we looked through our records last year. We served 18 counties in Pennsylvania, and we are now the only wildlife organization serving that entire area, and so we really do need our community’s help. We couldn’t do this without them.”

There are opportunities to donate online to the rehabilitation center.

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