There’s been no “significant change on the ground” in Ukraine since yesterday, a senior defense official says

There has not been “significant change on the ground” in Ukraine since yesterday, a senior defense official said.

The US is currently estimating that Russia has committed 82% of its available combat power that had been staged outside Ukraine into the country. This figure represents just a small increase from the 80% the US estimated Tuesday.

Though there has been “no appreciable movement” of Russian forces advancing on Kyiv since yesterday, Russia has increased its “missiles and artillery targeting the city,” the official continued.

The official also said similarly that while Russian forces are assaulting Chernihiv and Kharkiv, there has been “no appreciable movement by the Russians to take either one.”

The official describes Russian forces as currently being “stalled” outside those cities. However, Russian forces have made more progress in the south, the official said.

Though the official notes that the US sees the city of Kherson as being “contested,” Russia claims that they have in fact taken control of the city.

The official also shared that though there had been no moves on Mariupol by Russia, there were “preliminary indications” that Russian forces would try to move on the city from the Donetsk region, with an assault on the city likely from multiple directions.

The US also believes a 40-mile-long Russian military convoy outside of Kyiv is “stalled,” the senior US defense official told reporters.

“We’ve seen indications that at times and at certain places, the convoy may have been resisted by Ukrainian forces, and I really think I have to leave it at that,” the official said.

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