The Sill sale: Save on Pathos, ZZ Plants and more

If your winter gardening endeavors have left you with plants on the dead end of the flourishing spectrum, now’s the time to add a little green back into your space — and thanks to The Sill’s Sidewalk Sale, going on now through next Tuesday, there are more opportunities than ever to do just that.

Whether you have low light, pets or more of a brown thumb than green, there are a ton of plants, bundles and indoor gardening accessories on sale right now — read on for some of our top picks and then shop the rest at The Sill.

We love pretty planters as much as the next person, but too often they don’t have the drainage holes we need to keep our plant’s roots from getting all sodden and gross. Enter this pentagonal planter, designed with actual plants in mind. What’s more, it even comes in a few different shades so you can match it to any room in the house.

Dried wild grasses were such a thing about 25 years ago, especially when paired with, say, pastel watercolors of beach scenes. Lately, they’ve undergone a renaissance with a thoroughly 2022 twist: Think lots of texture and diverse types of plants in these stylish arrangements — plus, needing exactly zero looking after. This version is a monochromatic beauty that pairs well with your Scandi (or, shall we suggest, Japandi?) and farmhouse decor.

If you adopted a pandemic puppy or just want to add some greenery to your pet-inhabited home, look no further than this bundle of low-maintenance plants. These options are geared toward pet owners since they contain nontoxic flora that poses no health risk to your four-legged friends. One’s a cactus (which takes way less looking after than your pet), and the other is Peperomia obtusifolia, a type of rubber plant that’s as chill as it is pretty.

Take it from me when I say this plant is unkillable: I have put it in dark corners, neglected it without water for weeks on end and, dear reader, I swear that the less I cared for it, the more it thrived. It might make you slightly sad if you show your love by tending to others, but as far as low-maintenance plants go, this is the best of ’em.

Hello, statement in a vase! Whether your house is full-on maximalist or you’re adding a pop of color to your monochromatic bedroom or living room, this dried pink pampas set is here for a little (well, a lot of) attitude and glamour.

Two incredibly popular plants, one half-off price. Scoop up these highly Instagrammable plants while the deal is still on, plant people.

You don’t need a pricey floor vase for this dried palm bouquet, which features dried varieties of pear palm, sago palm, willow stems and bleach chilis for a standout look in your favorite tabletop vessel.

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