FBI advised that hackers scanned networks of 5 US energy firms ahead of Biden’s Russia cyberattack warning

The FBI issued the notice days before President Joe Biden publicly warned that Kremlin-linked hackers could target US organizations as the Russian military continues to suffer heavy losses in Ukraine and as Western sanctions on the Kremlin begin to bite.

Deputy national security adviser Anne Neuberger said during Monday’s White House briefing that Russia had been conducting “preparatory activity” for cyber attacks, which she said could include scanning websites and hunting for software vulnerabilities.”

There are at least 18 US companies in other sectors, such as defense and financial services that were subjected to the scanning, the FBI said.

There are no confirmed breaches related to the scanning, but the FBI advisory is the latest in a chorus of warnings from US officials to critical infrastructure operators to be on alert for potential Russian hacking. “The magnitude of Russia’s cyber capacity is fairly consequential and it’s coming,” Biden told business executives on Monday.

The Russia-based Internet Protocol addresses, or data that identifies a computer, are “believed to be associated with cyber actors who previously conducted destructive cyber activity against foreign critical infrastructure,” the FBI said in its advisory.

“This scanning activity has increased since the start of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, leading to a greater possibility of future intrusions,” the FBI memo states.

CBS News first reported on the FBI advisory.

For months, the US departments of Energy, Treasury and Homeland Security, among others, have briefed big electric utilities and banks on Russian hacking capabilities, and urged businesses to lower their thresholds for reporting suspicious activity.

CNN reported on February 2 that a foreign hacking group had probed the computer networks of US electric utilities that operate liquefied natural gas facilities.
The hacking group developed tools used in an incident that forced a Saudi petrochemical plant to shut down in 2017, according to cybersecurity researchers. The Treasury Department in 2020 sanctioned a Russian government institute for its alleged involvement in that incident.

It was not immediately clear if the FBI was referring to that same hacking group in its recent advisory. An FBI spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment.

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