Biden calls Putin ‘a butcher’ after meeting with refugees in Poland

During the visit, Biden was asked by reporters what seeing the refugees made him think of as he deals with Putin every day.

Biden responded: “He’s a butcher.”

During the brief question-and-answer session at Stadion Narodowy, Biden recounted how he had been to places like this in his life but said he is always surprised by “the depth and strength of the human spirit.”

“It’s incredible, it’s incredible. See all those little children. Just want to hug, just want to say thanks. I mean, it’s, just makes you so damn proud,” he said.

He added, “Each one of those children said something to the effect, ‘Say a prayer for my dad or my grandfather or my brother who’s back there fighting. And I remember what it’s like when you have someone in a war zone. Every morning you get up and you wonder. You just wonder. And you pray you don’t get that phone call.”

When asked about reports that the Russians have changed their military strategy in Ukraine, Biden said, “I’m not sure they have.”

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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